Published on March 3, 2023

The SNDI takes particular care in the quality of the realization of its website. It is thus engaged in a process aiming at respecting the Référentiel général d’amélioration de l’accessibilité (RGAA) and the système de design de l’État.

In order to obtain the best possible result, accessibility is taken into account by all teams involved in the development of the site and all contributors.

What is digital accessibility?

An accessible website is one that allows all Internet users to access its content without difficulty, including people with disabilities who use specialized software or hardware.
An accessible site allows, for example, to:

  • Navigate with voice synthesizers (notably used by blind or visually impaired Internet users).
  • Customize the display of the site according to your needs (enlarging characters, changing colors, etc.).
  • Navigate without using the mouse, with the keyboard only or via a touch screen.

Organization of the site

The « National Strategy to Combat Imported Deforestation » site is accessible and offers many features that make it easy for all Internet users to navigate.

The logo « République Française »

On all the pages, the logo of the Marianne (French Republic) appearing in the banner, allows in only one click to return on the home page of the site.


The menu allows you to access the site’s sections. It is a menu that can be controlled with the mouse, the keyboard and the finger for touch screens.


On all the pages of the site, a site map is accessible via the footer menu. This site map allows you to have an overview of the site’s tree structure and to directly access the page or heading of your choice, in particular the additional pages: Contact us and Legal notice.

Ariane’s thread

On all the pages of the site (except the home page), a breadcrumb trail is displayed just below the header. This breadcrumb trail allows you to locate yourself in the site’s tree structure. It indicates the path taken from the home page to the current page, and also allows you to go back up the site tree through links.

The search engine

On all pages, a search field is available by pressing the « Search » button, located on the right in the header of the site. When you perform a search, the site’s search engine lists the pages of the site that best match your expectations.

Features offered by your browser

In addition to the aids available, the site has been designed to allow your browser to take full advantage of its own features.

Enlargement of the font size

On all pages of the site, you have the possibility to enlarge the font size.

If you are on a PC, use the key combination Ctrl + « + » (the « plus » key) to enlarge the font size. The key combination Ctrl + « - » (the « minus » key) is used to reduce the size of the characters. Successive presses of these keys will increase or decrease the size of the characters in steps. The key combination Ctrl + 0 (the number « zero ») allows you to return to the default text size.

Mac users, simply replace the Ctrl key with the Cmd key in the above-mentioned combinations to perform the same actions.

Keyboard navigation

The site has been designed to allow keyboard navigation on all pages. In most cases, a click on the « Tabulation » key on your keyboard will allow you to navigate successively from one clickable element to another clickable element in the page, in the reading order. If you want to go backwards in the reading direction, use the key combination « Shift + Tab ».


You have the possibility to bookmark any page. To do this, go to the desired page, then press the « Ctrl + D » keys on your keyboard if you are on a PC, « Cmd + D » if you are on a Mac.


You can print any page of the site by accessing the desired page, then simultaneously pressing the « Ctrl + P » keys on your keyboard if you are on a PC, or « Cmd + P » if you are on Mac.

Right to compensation

According to article 11 of the law of February 2005, the disabled person has the right to compensation for the consequences of his or her disability, regardless of the origin and nature of his or her impairment, age or lifestyle.
As a result, each organization is obliged to take the necessary steps to provide access, within a reasonable time, to the information and functionalities sought by the disabled person, whether or not the content is subject to an exemption.

You can therefore obtain an accessible version of the documents or information contained therein by contacting us via our contact form and indicating precisely the name of the document concerned and/or the information you would like to obtain. The requested information will be sent to you as soon as possible.

Improvement and contact

If, despite our vigilance, you encounter any accessibility problem on our site, do not hesitate to contact us.

If you notice a lack of accessibility that prevents you from accessing a content or a functionality of the site, and you report it to us and you do not manage to obtain a quick response from us, you are entitled to send your complaints or a request for referral to the Human Rights Defender. Several means are available to you:

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